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Locally sourced, expertly presented – the ultimate in luxury catered ski chalet cuisine

Our philosophy on food is simple – high quality, locally sourced ingredients and Michelin star trained chefs who will delight in creating everything from a seven course gourmet banquet to simple comfort food served in front of the fire.

Fresh, locally sourced ingredients

Fine cuisine starts with fine ingredients. Switzerland’s strong agricultural sector offers a range of locally-grown, organic seasonal fruits and vegetables. Where possible, our chefs hand-pick the best locally sourced, fresh ingredients available to create Michelin star quality culinary experiences.

Expansive supplier network

Elysian Collection have established an expansive supplier network to provide you with the finest ingredients from Switzerland and Europe. This network includes organic farms, local markets and other boutique growers.

Seafood direct from Billingsgate market

With Switzerland being geographically landlocked, we have to get a little more creative with the best locations to source the best, freshest fish and seafood. Elysian Collection has established a partnership with Chamberlain’s, a dedicated supplier, flying fresh fish and seafood directly to us from Billingsgate market in London

Professional private chefs

We are known for our culinary prowess and the quality of your meals during your stay is Michelin star. Our team of chefs boast lavish backgrounds and clientele; from Arab Kings to British Royals. Your private chef’s experience affords you the luxury of ease and flexibility. Advise a desired style of cuisine from 1 to 10 courses, alternatively sit back and let the chef create a daily menu to impress.

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``Beautiful place, spoilt rotten – treated like royalty –food fantastic, cakes divine – service superb.``- Richard, UK
``I would like to thank the whole staff for everything they have done- which I believe has gone beyond their job descriptions. I would like to encourage our chef Mary to get her own restaurant – Thank you.``- Leader, India
``The most wonderful week ever! Lovely staff, spectacular chalet and simply incredible food – we will be back...``- Jessica, Scotland
John Gilbert Chef for Elysian Collection

John Gilbert

Private Chef

The foundations of John’s cuisine are local and high quality ingredients – underpinned by upmost respect towards sustainability for the region and wider human race. His cooking is often authentic and traditional using elements of classical training. John’s cuisine is light, elegant and cheerful; a real tribute to some of the chefs he’s worked with, and worked for, throughout his illustrious career.

As an avid traveller, John is fascinated by the variety of global products and the varying local techniques he uncovers along the way. He likes to study regions and absorb the local history to understand the reasons why dishes and ingredients are essential to the people. When experimenting with new dishes, he uses this knowledge to let nature and culture help guide his way in creating new culinary adventures.

John pulls inspiration from fellow chefs whether famous or underground; and true to his trade enjoys nothing more than sitting down to exotic feasts from all corners of the globe.

To learn more about John and his adventures, see his website Precision Culinaire.

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